Monstrocity London
Monstrocity London Original

Monstrocity London Original Artwork

December 2018

Created in Residency at the ‘Big Ads in a Small World ‘ Exhibition, Ben Oakley Gallery at Truman Brewery, Shoreditch.
Acrylic on Canvas ( 950 x 950 mm )
Privately owned. Whereabouts unknown.

Monstrocity Sticker London

When the street gets back to you

Recorded March 2021

Vinyl sticker
marked in situ
by unknown editor

Monstrocity London Maquette

Monstrocity London Maquette

January 2020

Handpainted with acrylic on laser cut Birch ply
Assembled and mounted on painted board
Box frame with Artglass (non-reflective, 10 x 10 inches)

1 of 3 Editions. Signed on verso

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