Tuby Rusty Sign Pint sized Giclée Print on Archival Paperstock

I LOVE London. I created Tuby in tribute. It took some time over four years from the seed of concept to something I was finally happy with

First I made a really grotesque monster – not many people liked it. Well they sort of got it but I don’t think it was a very LOVEABLE character. So I kept drawing and painting and stickering. The eyes were always presenting a problem, hard to show emotion in round eyes

The name took forever as well, I tried Monstrocity and Monstro for awhile but in the end settled on Tuby

Then the teeth – happy round teeth are so US West Coast and I was noticing a lot of Fangs in throwies and graf in London. I guess because it ain’t all roses in here, it can be scary and Fangs seemed way more the thing

The character is made into paintings, prints, apparel and merch. You can buy stuff here. I also like working with Galleries, Retail Outlets and other Makers – If you want to collab great shoot us a message

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